Time Reborn

Time Reborn: From the crisis in physics to the future of the universe
Published in 2013

Advance praise

“The strongest dose of clarity in written form to have come along in decades. The implications go far beyond physics, to economics, politics, and personal philosophy. Time Reborn places reality above theory in stronger and clearer terms than ever before, and the result is a path to better theory and potentially to a better society as well.

Will no doubt be remembered as one of the essential books of the 21st century.”

—Jaron Lanier

“In the Rebirth of Time, Smolin weaves an ever brilliantly creative skein of arguments based on deep mastery of cosmology, quantum mechanics, general relativity and all the diverse attempts at quantum gravity. He finds that contemporary physics eliminates time. He argues persuasively that any adequate cosmology rests on making time and “NOW” fundamental. Here laws evolve in one universe, and the future is open to unknowable novelty. Smolin’s skein is a tapestry that turns physics towards an entirely new view of reality. Stunning.”

—Stuart Kauffman FRSC
University of Vermont
Emeritus University of Pennsylvania