In print:

Wall Streeet Journal, June 24, 2006
Seed Magazine, August 2006
Time magazine August 21, 2006
Discover Magazine, September 2006
Scientific American, September 2006
Wired September 2006:15 :
The Economist, Sept 14, 2006
The New York Times Book review, Sep 17, 2006 by Tom Siegfried
The Boston Globe, Sept 17, 2006
USA Today, Sept 19, 2006
The New York Sun, by Michael Shermer, Sept 27, 2006
The New Yorker, by Jim Holt Sept 25, 2006
The LA Times, by K C Cole, Oct 8, 2006
Nature, by George Ellis (Nature 44, 482, 5 Oct. 2006)
San Fransisco Chronicle , by Keay Davidson, Oct 13, 2006
Dallas Morning News, by FRED BORTZ, Oct 15, 2006
Toronto Star, by PETER CALAMAI, Oct 15, 2006
Philadelphia City Paper by by Matt Hotz, Nov 8, 2006
The Oregonian,by JAMES N. GARDNER, Nov 5, 2006
The Philadelphia Inquirer, by Fred Bortz, Dec 18, 2006
American Scientist, by Joseph Polchinski, Jan-Feb 2007
Physics World by Michael Riordan, Feb 2007
Reason Magazine, by Kenneth Silber
Financial Times by Alan Cane
Sunday Times of London, by Bryan Appleyard
New Humanist, AC Grayling, March/April 2007p 32-33
The Telegraph, by Roger Highfield
The New Criterion, by Martin Gardner, April 2007

On the internet:

Slate review by Gregg Easterbrook
Sean Carroll’s pre-review: The String Theory Backlash
Sabine Hossenfelder’s review
Dave Bacon’s review
John Walker’s review
Sean Carroll’s review
Chad Orzel’s review
Christine Dantas’s review
Jonathan Shock’s review
John Clark review
Expanded version of Polchinksi’s review
Response to Polchinksi’s review.
Alejandro Satz’s review
Brian’s Study
Stephen Strauss
Susan Crawford’s review
Steinn Sigurdsson’s review
John Baez’s review

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Theorists snap over string pieces, Geoff Brumfiel, Nature 443, 491(5 October 2006)
Theory in particle physics: Theological speculation versus practical knowledge, by Burton Richter, Physics Today, Oct 2006.
String theory: Is it science’s ultimate dead end? Robin McKie, The Observer, London October 8, 2006
The erosion of certainty, the wisdom of humility BY JOHN FARMER JR., in Twin Cities,Pioneer Press, Nov 7, 2006